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Advanced Practitioner Ildiko Scurr TFT Dx Adv

Welcome to my site,

I believe that everything happens for a reason and so it is no coincidence that you are here. I am known as The Distress Buster because I offer rapid, effective relief from emotional upset to my clients. How can I help you? Please take the time to visit my pages to see where in your life my services can answer your needs.

My clinic is in Bournemouth but treatment is now internationally available over the phone or via Skype for emotional distress and self-limiting behaviour. If you cannot come to me because you live too far or are housebound, I offer TFT in the comfort of your own home or office.

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read what those who have been treated by me are saying:

“I asked Ildiko to demonstrate her skills in helping people to overcome their phobias. She has a positive result with a listener who had a lifelong fear of spiders. She is similar to Paul McKenna in the skills she uses.Her skills appear to work well.”

Chrissie Pollard Presenter on Hope FM

“Ildiko provided both my wife and I with invaluable and life changing advice. Health problems that we had been experiencing for many years cleared up in a matter of weeks through accurate diagnosis of the real cause and the appropriate advice. Neither of our problems have reoccurred since. ”

Jeremy Old – Corporate Business Coach

“Ildiko can be relied on for getting to crux of the problem! time and again she helps me wade through my personal whirl winds bringing me to a place of healing, clarity, motivation and peace. I would recommend her for anyone dedicated to overcoming their obstacles and stepping up in life.”

Dr. Thomasina Craster – Wellness of Life Centre

“Having been a client of Ildiko’s over the past two years, I have found her therapies to work and produce a positive result. I can recommend her to new potential clients.”

Jonathan Rose – Founder of Carrington Club Business Networking

“I cannot recommend Ildiko highly enough. In just one short session she has been able to alleviate feelings of stress from which I have suffered for many years. Thought Field Therapy is fascinating and it has certainly worked for me! Thanks Ildiko.”

Sali Collins – Editor of High Street Magazine

“Ildiko works to a very high standard and is helpful at each stage. She loves her work and is able  to          create solutions using TFT. I Really can recommend her to anyone”

Rodney Searles – Independent Financial Advisor

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What can Thought Field Therapy help you with?

TFT has proved to be successful in helping and often eliminating:

* Fears and phobias

* Anxiety

* Addictive urges

* Anger

* Grief and trauma

* Negative self-image

* And any other negative emotion.

Ildiko Scurr TFT Dx Adv

Advanced Practitioner and Trainer

Member of ATFT, Member of AET, and Member of BCMA

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Ildiko Scurr