About Ildiko

Ildiko Scurr TFT Dx Adv Advanced Practitioner and Trainer

Let me ask you some questions.
How long have you had your problem?
How long have you been searching for some real help to be free of it?
Are you terrified that there may be no answer?
How frustrated, angry or upset does it make you feel to be stuck?

I know those feelings intimately. I know the darkness and the feeling of hopelessness. I know the desperate feeling of chasing after solutions to free yourself of the pain and finding nothing. I also know about how bad it feels when you read about other people who have found the answer through some treatment that you have tried and which made no difference to your problem. I have been there.

Finding the Solution

Incredibly, after several years, out of the darkness I finally found my solution. I can honestly say to you that by then I did not believe that it was possible. I had never heard of Thought Field Therapy and thought it was some weird American fad. How could tapping on some points on the body possibly switch off anxiety! Apparently it did not matter how long the problem had existed or how severe it was; it would work just the same. It sounded like something out of Startrek. I was so desperate though, I decided to try it.

Thought Field Therapy is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Imagine a thought that upsets you so much that you cannot stop thinking about it. It affects everything you do and everything you say. Even when you try to block it, you can’t. Now imagine that suddenly it becomes less relevant to you than what you are going to buy for your lunch. In fact it never bothers you again. Imagine all this happening in less than 10 minutes. How would you feel?

Some of the common words used by my clients include:
lighter, clearer, energised, free, happy, amazed

a common quote is:
‘I just can’t think about it anymore’

I have now been treating clients with Thought Field Therapy for 8 years and I have seen chronic problems just melt away. This is what I expect.

Training and Optimal Health

It is not enough that TFT is fast, effective and life-changing, it is possible to give treatment over the phone or via Skype. I am trained and qualified to deliver this service. Visit the TFT by Phone tab for more information.

From running my own private practice I decided that I wanted to train other people to be able to use the powerful techniques of TFT. I trained with Dr. Roger Callahan PhD the Founder of Thought Field Therapy.Please visit www.tfttrainingcourses.com for  more information about my courses.

I am a full member of the Association of Thought Field Therapy (ATFT)

I regularly give talks and demonstrations of Thought Field Therapy. I also organise and run events introducing this wonderful therapy to the community. E-mail info@tftemotionalhealing.co.uk for more information.

My message to you is if you have tried everything else it is time to discover Thought Field Therapy. It has provided the answer for thousands of people including me, why not you?