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Thought Field Therapy (TFT) offers a very different way of treating emotional issues to other therapies. There is always a root cause for why we feel the way we do and therefore it is important to find it and remove the emotional trigger. TFT does just that. During a treatment you just need to think about the issue that is causing you emotional distress and tap a specific sequence of points on your body. Depending on what emotion you are feeling, you will need a different sequence. Within minutes the level of emotion starts to lessen and then significantly reduce until you cannot get the same feeling back no matter how hard you try. This is because the emotional trigger has been deactivated.

‘After TFT I experienced¬† a complete cessation of the continuous mental turmoil, which I had experienced for most of my adult life, and so intensely over the past four years that it intruded on my reading or other quiet tasks in which I would engage.’

Suzanne – Hampshire

How does it work?

It seems a very strange concept that by just tapping a few points on your body, you can switch off negative emotions. However it starts to make sense when you look at what is actually happening.


Information is key to life. We are constantly processing many complex types of information through data received through our bodies and minds. An emotion is information that tells your body and mind how you feel. That emotional information triggers hormones which are released in the body, which activate cellular responses. For instance the perception of danger will give your body the message to release adrenalin, so that you have the best chance of fight or flight. Emotional information exists in energetic form in thought fields and perturbations.

Thought Fields and Perturbations

We all know that gravity exists, we cannot see it but we feel its pull. The earth is surrounded by a gravitational field. A field is a structure in space that cannot be seen but affects matter; in the case of gravity this means everything on the earth. Our bodies have a measurable electromagnetic field sometimes referred to as the aura. Electricity is energy. Our thoughts also exist in fields called thought fields. When a thought triggers a distressing feeling such as fear, this is because the thought field is carrying active information in a structure called a perturbation. Perturbations are the cuase of our negative emotions. The thought that scares you will always trigger the emotion of fear, never jealousy, rage or any other emotion. The perturbation instructs the mind and body what to feel. In order to activate a thought field and its perturbation, just think about whatever it is that upsets you. This tunes the thought field and triggers the process. What you feel is the end result.

Kirlian photograph showing energy field around the fingers

Kirlian photograph showing energy field around the fingers

Energy Meridians

About 4000 years ago, the Chinese discovered a series of energy conduits in the body that made a big difference to the level of well-being experienced by a person. They found that there were certain points along these conduits that seemed to be important in allowing vital energy to flow. When these were blocked, illness could result. We call these conduits, meridians. A perturbation carries active information in a coded form. Dr. Roger Callahan discovered that there is a one-to-one relationship between certain points along the meridians and the specific coded information held in a thought field. This meant that direct access to that coded information was suddenly possible.

‘I find myself mentally better, more stable and balanced, than I have felt since I was six or seven, when I first began to realise that “something” was wrong within me, and also in the way people around me behaved toward eachother as well as to me.’

client is 69 years old

Tapping it Away

Dr. Callahan found that every negative emotion has a corresponding coded sequence of meridian points that can be tapped on the body. The procedure is simple. You think about whatever is distressing you and tap a specific sequence of points on the body. The active information in the perturbation is then deactivated. When you try to bring back the distressing feeling after tapping, you cannot. This is because there is nothing there to trigger anymore. The result is that there is no longer a problem. It works fast because it is all happening on an energetic level.

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