Professional Thought Field Therapy Course with Ildiko Scurr Dx Adv and Licenced TFT Trainer

we offer professionally certificated courses for

  • existing professional therapists

  • those looking for an exciting and fulfilling new career

  • those wanting to have a powerful and effective self-help technique

Ildiko with Dr. Roger Callahan PhDIldiko with Dr. Roger Callahan PhD

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“Well presented professional environment and a brilliant format. There was loads of information. I feel ‘informed’ and materialed-up’! The presentation was professional, legible, relevant and it was good to confirm everything in my head as we went along. Ildiko explained in a clear voice and understandable manner and the content was very interesting. I am clear on what I need to do for here”

K.Blake – Director

“Ildiko clearly has a fantastic knowledge of TFT, during the course she demonstrated her skill fantastically. Ildiko’s presentation was clear, intelligent, friendly and positive.”

C. Moffatt – Personal Fitness Trainer

students learning about TFT

trainees learning about TFT

RegularĀ  courses in the Dorset, Hampshire area

next course date

22-24th January 2011

Southbourne, Dorset


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