Energy Toxins

How they affect TFT treatments

Individual Energy Toxins do not apply to the majority of cases, but they can be a very important factor in increasing the success rate of a treatment.

Individual Energy Toxins are not the same as something that is nutritionally bad for you, it is something that is effecting your energetically. An Individual Energy Toxin could be anything you eat, drink or inhale and by its nature, it is individual to the person. If the presence of a toxin is indicated during a treatment, then the toxin is identified and eliminated from the person’s system. The elimination is only a temporary state which allows the therapist to work as they can often block the treatment. Toxins can be responsible for a wide variety of symptoms including panic attacks, anxiety, OCD, depression, lethargy, constipation, headaches, rapid pulse, and excessive fat.

The only way to get an energy toxin out of your system is by keeping off the substance for about 12 weeks. It depends totally on individual situations whether it becomes tolerable to the body again eventually.

Ildiko Scurr, Thought Field Therapy Practitioner, Dorset and Hampshire

TFT for:
Phobias – Anxiety – Addiction – Trauma – Anger – Panic – Guilt – Blushing – Obsession (OCD)- Depression- Grief – Rage – Shame – Jealousy – Eating disorders