Client Testimonials

What people who have already benefited from TFT have to say about it


“I gave up a 40 a day smoking habit by eating a sweet every time I felt the need for a cigarette. I didn’t realise until someone at work pointed it out, that I had a 3lb bag of pick-and-mix in my drawer and couldn’t stop eating them. If I passed a sweet shop or garage I had to have some. Bags under the desk, bags in the car, bags in the fridge. I hadn’t realised I was addicted now to sweets just by swapping one addiction for another.

I saw Ildi and after 1 session I was able to go a whole day without a piece of liquorice!!

After a week I could pass Woolworths without grabbing a bag.

Now 5 weeks later – no problems!!”

The client is still free from the addiction 6 months later.

Annie – Bournemouth

Anxiety and panic:

“Shortly after Easter I was off work suffering from a virus which left me very lethargic and often breathless. The feeling of breathlessness brought back feelings of anxiety and panic attacks and I was able to trace them back to my early married life some twenty years earlier. I began to see a pattern of these attacks right up until the present time and decided I needed help in controlling these feelings. I read a leaflet on Thought Field Therapy and rang Ildiko to make an appointment.

Ildiko took some details from me and I relayed to her the situations in my life that bring about panic attacks, anxiety and feelings of being trapped.

Taking each situation separately I had to think of the problem and rate it at a scale of 1 – 10, 1 = no problem, 10 = worst state possible. Then she would take me through a series of exercises, tapping various parts of the face and body whilst thinking of the problem until I got to the stage where I couldn’t remember what the problem was. This process was carried out for each problem until I felt very calm and relaxed and had a feeling that there was nothing else to worry about. I could cope.

Ildiko gave me some sheets of paper with the appropriate exercises on to carry out twice a day for the following week. However every time I came to do the exercises I couldn’t really think of the problem that I had gone to her with and therefore didn’t feel I needed to do them.

I feel a lot more confident now that should an occasion arise when I feel anxious or trapped I will be able to carry out the exercises and control my emotions.”

Ann – Bournemouth


“Just thought I’d update you from earlier. It’s been quite amazing. I managed to pick up three small spiders, and then went into the garage and let a big one (not a house spider) crawl over my hand for a few minutes – and it felt fine! Lastly my husband asked if I wanted a big black house spider – I wasn’t sure. So he picked it up, and I was able to put a glass over it and put a piece of paper under it. Then I was able to remove the paper and let it crawl on my hand! I know now I could deal with any spider in my house. My children are very proud.

This is from someone who would freak at anything larger than a money spider.”

Lucy – Dorset


“I have always been a feisty person, but the move and the stress of trying to find work made me feel on edge all the time. The slightest little thing would upset me.

“You could feel it as soon as I walked in the room. I was a ball of negativity. But after about 20 minutes of tuning into those angry thoughts and tapping certain parts of the body, I felt completely different. I felt completely relaxed.

“I felt like I was floating when I walked out,” she said. “I still get angry at certain situations, but it goes after a while. It’s great the way it just got rid of it. I feel like I have been released.”

Sharon – Boscombe

Pre-appointment nerves.

“I used to get nervous before meeting anyone for the first time, even socially. It got to the stage where I would near enough talk myself out of doing it. The treatment only took a few minutes. I was gob-smacked.”

Client – Boscombe

Addiction to chocolate:

“I couldn’t get through a day without chocolate. If there was chocolate in the house, it would get eaten. I would buy chocolate for my husband for his lunches and he would never see it. It was one of my major weaknesses. We discovered it is a toxin to me. I can still enjoy a bit of chocolate as a treat as long as I do the treatment afterwards to prevent it coming back as an addiction but I no longer have to eat a whole bar, which is fantastic.”

Dawn – Boscombe


“I would get a tightening in my chest, feel very frustrated” she said. It has only been a short time since Ann’s treatment, but so far, so good. “My head almost tells me I need to get frustrated, yet I don’t feel that way. I am surprised something so simple could be that effective.”

Ann – Ferndown

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