TFT By Phone

TFT Over the Phone or Skype

Many people have already found fantastic life-changing results with TFT in my private one-to-one practice. The great news is that you can now get the same great service through modern technology. No matter where you live you can benefit from TFT Optimal Health.

Treatment by Phone


If you are housebound or you live too far away to come to see me for a private session, then TFT Optimal Health by phone is the ideal way of benefitting from my services. Once you are a registered client you will also have access to my Emergency TFT service. This means that I can help you when you need it most; just ring.

Treatment via Skype


If you have a Skype address TFT Optimal Health is the ideal method of treatment. I combine the use of online visual tools with the powerful techniques that I use in my private clinic sessions but through Skype. No other treatment offers you this level of instant access to personal and effective treatment.

Payment is Easy

Paypal offers a fast and easy way to pay in any country. Just use the Paypal link below and send an e-mail to to book you appointment.

Clinic times:

9.30am – 12.30pm GMT – Monday to Friday

6 – 8pm GMT – Monday to Friday

If you are in a country with a different time zone, special out of clinic times can be agreed privately