What does TFT work on?

Some of the many conditions that can be helped and often eliminated.


A phobia is an irrational fear. This fear is specific and only activates when a person is confronted by the object of their phobia. A phobic knows
that their fear is irrational, but cannot stop it. Phobias are also the simplest problem to treat with Thought Field Therapy.


Anxiety can either be due to a particular factor in your life, such as the loss of a job, or it can have no obvious trigger and strike at any time.
Panic attacks often add an extra terrifying dimension to non-specific anxiety. In both cases, Thought Field Therapy can be used to make you feel much better. The only difference is that non-specific anxiety often takes a more complex set of treatments as there can be various aspects that need to be dealt with.

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Any type of addiction can be helped and the cravings often eliminated with Thought Field Therapy. The treatment has a normalising effect on the response to the addictive substance.

Addiction is a reaction to anxiety and the addictive substance is being used as a tranquillizer for that anxiety. The underlying anxiety is only being neutralised for a short while until the effect wears off and then another fix is needed.

With Thought Field Therapy the underlying anxiety is treated, even if it is not obvious to the addict. The addict is then given a treatment to eliminate the urge for the substance. The treatment is used every time that the urge is felt and eventually, after a short time, the urge does not come back. The addiction is no longer present.

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Trauma is the natural reaction to a distressing experience. The aftershocks of trauma can disrupt a life for decades, after terrible events such as the death of a loved one, rape, violence in war, relationship break-ups. The memory is replayed over and over in the person’s mind and nightmares often accompany the trauma.

No matter how long the trauma has existed, Thought Field Therapy can help to eliminate the emotional distress in minutes. The actual memories are not affected and very often become clearer, but are experienced without the emotional pain.

Negative emotions TFT can help and often

Anxiety, phobias and fears, trauma, addictions to smoking, drugs, chocolate, food, shopping, cleaning, and all others, anger, panic, obsession (OCD), depression, grief, rage, shame, jealousy, guilt, blushing, eating disorders.

TFT can also help with: performance enhancement and self-confidence.