Free yourself from the destructive cycle of addiction

No matter what you are addicted to

TFT can simply switch off your cravings leaving you able to say NO

Read the testimonial of a real person who tried TFT:

“I gave up a 40 a day smoking habit by eating a sweet every time I felt the need for a cigarette. if I passed a sweetshop or garage I had to have some. Bags under the desk, the car and in the fridge. I haden’t realised I was now addicted to sweets just by swapping one addiction for another. I saw Ildi and after one session I was able to go a whole day without a piece of liquorice!!

After a week I could pass Woolworths without grabbing a bag.

Now 5 weeks later – no problems!!”

Annie – Bournemouth

Annie is still free from the addiction 1 year later

Addictive urges are an attempt to self-tranquilise stress in your life. This can take the form of anxiety or boredom. The effect of the tranquilising substance wears off and then you feel the stress again. The craving comes back and this creates the destructive cycle that you find so hard to break. When you try to give up the addiction, withdrawal symptoms can occur because the underlying stresses are often not addressed. TFT can rapidly and effectively eliminate or reduce the feelings of anxiety or boredom in your life which is fuelling the addictive urge. This takes away the need to dull the emotional pain. The cravings can be switched off within minutes with TFT and the combination of these two powerful techniques ensures a high success rate for stopping the addiction. No matter whether your addiction is to alcohol, smoking, food, gambling, relationships or any other form of craving, TFT works in the same way leaving you free from being under the control of a destructive pattern of behaviour.


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