Free yourself from your anxieties

Switch off those recurring, unwanted thoughts

with TFT you can feel a sense of relief in a very short time

these are real people who have had their anxieties eliminated with TFT:

“I was suffering from a virus which left me very lethargic and often breathless. The feelings of breathlessness brought back feelings of anxiety and panic attacks and I was able to trace them back to my early married life some twenty years earlier. I rang Ildiko to make an appointment. I relayed to her the situations in my life that bring about panic attacks, anxiety and feelings of being trapped. She took me through a series of exercises, until I got to the stage where I couln’t remember what the problem was. This process was carried out for each problem until I felt very calm and relaxed and had a feeling that there was nothing else to worry about. I could cope. I feel a lot more confident now that should an occasion arise when I feel anxious or trapped I will be able to carry out the exercises and control my emotions.”

Ann – Bournemouth

“TFT has given me the freedom from fear I never thought I would have after 14 years of suffering from severe panic attacks. The major problem was not knowing the cause and TFT has helped me gain control of my own confidence. Despite other stresses, the use of the Algorithms has given me a new life and I will always be thankful that my search for solutions lead me to Ildiko and TFT.”

Sonja – Dorset

“thank you again. I taught last Friday and Sunday and my nerves are back to normal levels ie; not the over the top version, so thank you so much.”

Jane – Bournemouth

If you suffer from anxiety, you often cannot switch off the uncomfortable thoughts that invade your mind. With TFT it is possible to stop those recurring thoughts because the emotional distress is removed in a very short time. During a treatmetn session all you need to do is think about whatever makes you feel anxious and tap a specific sequence of points on your body. You will feel a sense of relief often within minutes. Anxiety can be caused my the memory and fallout of traumatic experiences, or current life events. Whatever the cause, TFT offers a fast, powerful release from anxiety, leaving you feeling calm and in control.


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What can Thought Field Therapy help you with?

TFT has proved to be successful in helping and often eliminating:

* Fears and phobias

* Anxiety

* Addictive urges

* Anger

* Grief and trauma

* Negative self-image

* And any other negative emotion.

Ildiko Scurr TFT Dx Adv

Advanced Practitioner and Trainer

Member of ATFT, Member of AET, and Member of BCMA

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