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TFT is a rapid and powerful treatment that can free you from it

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the only thing you have to lose is your fear

you are not alone, even celebrities suffer from them:

Jennifer Aniston – fear of flying
Orlando Bloom – fear of pigs
Nicole Kidman – fear of butterflies
Justin Timberlake – scared of snakes and spiders
Keanu Reeves – fear of the dark
David Beckham – fear of untidiness

However, the difference between you and them is that you have found The Phobia Centre. You do not have to continue living with your problem.

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These are real people who had their phobias eliminated with TFT:

It’s been quite amazing. I managed to pick up three small spiders and then went into the garage and let a big one (not a house spider) crawl over my hand for a few minutes – and it felt fine! Lastly my husband asked if I wanted a big black house spider – I wasn’t sure.

So he picked it up and I was able to put a glass over it and put a piece of paper under it. Then I was able to remove the paper and let it crawl on my hand! I know now I could deal with any spider in my house. My children are very proud. This is from someone who would freak at anything larger than a money spider.”

Lucy – Dorset

“I would like to say thank you very much for my Thought Field Therapy session with you. As you may remember I had had a few frightening experiences on my horse, that had almost broken my nerve for riding and was at the point of giving up. However after my session with you I can report a complete reversal. My fear had gone, my confidence has returned and I am back riding again. I cannot thank you enough.”

Yours Gratefully Sandra – Verwood

“things have been going really well with the driving. I had a really enjoyable drive around the New Forest over the weekend and am trying to push myself  to drive along ‘scary’ roads each day. In my head I anticipate the panicky feelings, but so far, they haven’t manifested themselves physically which is brilliant.”

Julie – Bournemouth

There are over 200 documented and recognised phobias, from acrophobia (fear of heights) to zoophobia (fear of animals) but they can all be treated with TFT.

TFT can give you rapid relief from being in a fearful situation. All you need to do is think of the fear and tap a sequence of points on your body. You will feel a sense of relief often within minutes. I address each aspect of a fear separately. If you have a fear of spiders, you may be bothered by several factors. You may be frightened because they move in an unpredictable way, you may be fearful of their legs or the shape of their body or you may be scared of spider webs. With TFT it is possible to reduce and often eliminate each component fear one by one until you do not react anymore to the previously scary situation.


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