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“My daughter’s symptoms after being involved in a road traffic accident were bedwetting (for the first week) , nightmares (up to 3-4 per week) an extreme fear of travelling anywhere in the car and with anybody. These symptoms continues for 6 months before I heard of TFT.

My daughter was given a sequence of tapping to try out the next time we made a trip in the car. We did an acid test after the first session, driving along the same road on which the accident happened. My daughter tapped herself when necessary and this was the first car journey we had taken since the incident where she felt comfortable in the car. We had a second session of TFT and it has remarkably not been necessary to use the tapping sequence since then. The nightmares stopped immediately after the first session.

She has since been for a medical with an independent GP with regards to the insurance claim and although he had not heard of TFT himself, he acknowledged that whatever had been done, it had helped her.”

Mel – Cornwall

“Ildiko helped me resolve a lot of issues from my childhood that were having a negative effect on my present life. I had been bullied at school and problems with my parents had left me with a lot of traumatic memories. Ildiko removed the energy from these thoughts and I suddenly felt indifferent to them. My confidence also improved dramatically. I felt energised and happy again.”

Alison – Bournemouth

During a traumatic event the mind remembers kay elements of the experience. later in time if you are in a situation where your mind recognises any of those key elements,  it will trigger a reaction a negative emotions such as fear and panic in order to protect you from what it perceives as the same danger as before. The triggers are very strong and no matter how you try to ignore them, they will continue to cause distress, often for many years afterwards. TFT offers a powerful treatment that switches off those original triggers in a short space of time, without you having to relive painful memories. trauma can very often result in recurring nightmares; for instance after a car accident. Flashbacks can occur after a harrowing event such as being in a natural disaster, physical combat witnessing an accident or suffering physical or sexual abuse. These events can leave a person with a feeling of constant danger. After the original traumatic experience has been switched off with TFT, people find that they stop reliving the memory because the root cause of the problem has been dealt with. Any remainign feelings of fear, panic, anger, guilt and any other distressing emotions can then also be reduced and often eliminated in the same way.


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